Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

Belle 1The Nigerian Dwarf is a small, friendly and adaptable dairy goat. This knee-high milker (averaging roughly 20″ tall at the withers (shoulder) is growing in popularity because it’s uniquely suited to small farms as well as suburban and even city living.

It all began when the descendants of small goats imported from West Africa to North America by zoos and private collectors in the 1930’s and ’40s, were found to be of two different types; stocky and meaty (later developed into the Pygmy goat), or of a more refined “dairy type”. Those of dairy type were further selected for dairy characteristics and milking ability, (arguably influenced by the introduction of genetics from standard sized dairy goats), and finally established as the Nigerian Dwarf breed in the 1980’s.

Today, the Nigerian Dwarf and the Pygmy are two separate and distinct breeds. Although similar in size, the Pygmy is a meat goat and the Nigerian Dwarf is a dairy goat. For many people, however, they are just beloved pets.

15 responses to “Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

  1. Hello,
    Stumbled upon your site. Do you, by chance, sell / breed Nigerians?

  2. I have the same question. We are recent transplants from Alberta to outside Yarmouth and have our chickens, but would love some goats too. If you don’t breed, do you know who does or where to find them here other than kijiji ads?

    • Nova Scotia Homestead

      Hi Morgan, we’ll start kidding in mid-June and expect to have a few kids available later in the summer. Thank you for your interest.

    • Nova Scotia Homestead

      Thank you for your interest – we do breed our goats. I will e-mail you shortly.

  3. Hi how many Does do you have a present where did you get your original Breeding stock and was there any problems with the Does giving Birth
    do you plan on sellimg any kid does in the 2016 yr and do you dub the horns on the kids in the first week,what is the price of a kid Doe and how far are you from the Confideration Bridge

    • Nova Scotia Homestead

      We will have kids available in late spring 2016. We have 10 breeding does at this time. We imported our original stock from a USDA registered disease-free herd. We do disbud our kids. Our does generally kid unassisted and are attentive mothers. We are located not far from the Canso Causeway.

  4. Do you have a contact number i can reach you at ?

  5. Are you expecting any kids this spring/summer?

  6. hi im interested in purchasing some goats as well.Could you please email me your phone number thanks

  7. Hi, I am thinking about getting goats. Do you still have spaces for your goats in the summer?

    • Nova Scotia Homestead

      Hi Eleanor, we will have kids dropping in May and August. You can reach me at (902) 982-4221 with questions. Thank you.

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