48 hours… without power

The recent storm brought freezing rain that coated roadways and weighed down tree branches and power lines. The result was multiple power outages throughout Cape Breton and Nova Scotia.

We heat with wood, and cook with propane. In the past 10 years, we haven’t lost power for longer than 5 hours, so when the lights went out around 6 p.m. we didn’t expect to be in the dark for long. We lit a few candles, pulled out the battery powered Sony multi-band and listened to CBC radio until bedtime. At times like this, I almost welcome the peace and quiet when distractions like TV and computers aren’t cluttering up my thoughts, so long as the “peace” doesn’t last too long.


The next morning, the power was still out and we had no water, since our water pump runs on electricity.   Fortunately, the stream behind the greenhouse was running.  It took nearly a dozen trips up the hill to the stream and back through knee-high snow, before we’d filled enough gallon jugs to get all the livestock watered.

The lights came back on Sunday evening, just in time for the evening feeding (and watering). Hopefully, we won’t see another lengthy outage this winter.




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