Farewell to Winter

Finally, evidence of Spring.  Buds are are swelling on the apple trees, Robins are feasting on earthworms in the soft, moist earth, and temperatures feel almost balmy compared to the unusually frigid lows from which we are recovering.

The next few weeks will be filled with activity; repairing fences and pens, tilling and planting bulbs and root vegetables, working on the greenhouse, spraying fuit trees with dormant oil and carrying out a myriad of other chores familiar to farmers and gardeners everywhere.

Here in the Maritimes, between early and mid-Spring, there is a 2-3 week bug-free window, a blissful time with few flies or mosquitoes to torment us. We try to get as much done outside as possible before everything “greens up” and we must break out the repellant to keep the bugs at bay. This year, we are making batches of natural insecticidal soap to keep us from becoming mosquito bait. Here’s to an exciting Spring!

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